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Pink Dew - zanaashPink Dew - zanaash
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Pink Dew

Rs. 9,899.00 Rs. 12,899.00
Golden Hybrid - zanaashGolden Hybrid - zanaash

Golden Hybrid

Rs. 5,999.00
Sweet Peonie - zanaashSweet Peonie - zanaash

Sweet Peonie

Rs. 7,899.00
Tassel Peony - zanaashTassel Peony - zanaash
On sale

Tassel Peony

Rs. 8,999.00 Rs. 11,999.00

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A hand crafted inlaid are these beautifully hand crocheted earrings. They come in different styles and colours along with abundance of love and warmth crocheted together between the ropes with some sparkle and tiny beads