How to carry a Kaftan style in Summer?

Kaftans are an all time favourite which seems never to go out of trend.


A stylish piece of garment that travelled across centuries, adorn by royalty and prefered by the masses, changed shapes and details yet never went off style is the fashion history of Kaftans. Originally accessorised as the 3rd piece of garment like a tunic or a robe has evolved to take the spotlight. Breaking the myth ‘preferred when cold’ kaftans can be worn in any climate.


It’s a fun experience as it is. Kaftans fit every occasion, be it a wedding or a fun sunny day out with friends, suits it all. 
A Kaftani wedding look in the heat of summer would be the stylish, functional option one needs to make heads turn. 
A bright coloured embellished kaftan with contrast straight pants
is the best fit pair. Give it a unique touch with oxidised choker necklace and chunky rings. 



Back in the days kaftans were made of wool, cashmere, silk, etc to fight cold. However, it’s less known that in some warm regions it was also worn as a light weighted, loose fitting garment which was not recognised and acknowledge for a long time. In nowadays times, it’s a more practical and trendy piece of clothing which makes movement and adventure easy. Imagine if practicality and looks served equally.

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