Quilted Jackets

Keeping it simple, going sporty, exaggerating extras, or following trends, jackets allow you pick the vibe you want to wear. A good collection of jackets will always help you set any look right. Over time the jacket fashion changed shape, size, colour, length, material, and vibe. If all the goodness of the change and transformation flows right then it can be ‘blocked with love.’

The subtly exaggerated collection of ‘blocked with love’ presents hand block printed quilted jacket range with the speciality of patch work and comfort of organic cotton.
Functionality being the essence, ‘BLOCKED WITH LOVE’ collection is a trendy winter want. The soft cotton fabric is sure to befriend your skin and provoke comfort instead of irritability. The varied colour palette serves you the opportunity to choose your style, vibe, and mood.
Winters demand more. More warmth, more volume, more looks, and more style. Tucked in cozy is the all-day mood over winter. The organic cotton layer in the jacket provides a snuggly feeling to go for. Bright coloured cotton quilted jacket to snap out of the gloomy weather head to fun that the winter serves. Prints and patterns that gives you the ‘more’ this winter.
Travelled from the pyramids of Egypt is the art of patchwork. Soft pieces of cotton fabric with incredible patterns sewn together, then quilted to achieve the desired comfort. ‘Blocked with love’ are versatile pieces of jackets suitable for any and every occasion.

Jackets have exclusively mastered the art of layering. This winter go all out on layering with the ‘blocked with love’ collection. Go for a cap sleeve turtle neck tee under a tube top. Amp it up with layers of shirt and a bright printed jacket. Denim pants to fit the look. Boots and gold studs to accessorise. Flaunt your winter glazed hair and kill cold in style.

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