Twisted Twines

Rs. 4,214.00 Rs. 8,349.00
  • Flowery, graceful and fresh is the dynamics of the stylish floral block print quilted jacket. The olive hems sewn to enhance the body lines is an element to fall for. The randomness of the print and structured hems being contrary yet go hand in hand to make a beautiful composition. The baby pink base with dark flowers and vines is an amazing colour theory. The long length of the jacket serves us with varied styling options impressing the fashion influencers. If you are one then grab this incredible piece immediately. Fashion purposes served right, the comfort is fulfilled as well with the layer of organic cotton beneath the design.
  • A simple spegatti sleeve blouse paired along with this jacket creatively using it as a wrap around dress and adding a belt will feed your fashion hunger like none other.
  • Length - 40 inches
  • Organic Cotton
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Additional 10% off , use code - ZANAASH10

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